Crescent Doula Collective
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Our Services
  1. Birth Doula
    A Birth Doula is that source of constant support before and during childbirth. Not only do Doulas support moms but they also offer support to partners. They provide continuous and uninterrupted emotional support and physical comfort during these times as well. Doulas have knowledge of Doctor, Midwife and Hospital policies. They are advocates of the mother's wishes and goals throughout pregnancy, birth and after childbirth. They also facilitate communication between the laboring mother, partner and medical professionals.
  2. Postpartum Doula
    A Postpartum Doula is someone who is there to assist with helping mom and/or partner adjust to baby being home. She helps teach comfort measures, breastfeeding techniques and overall caring for baby. In addition, she can help with sleep training and transitioning baby from co-sleeping to their own bed. If you have any struggles or questions about baby or just need some sleep, a Postpartum Doula can help. Our Postpartum Doulas offer daytime and overnight/evening support.
  3. Sibling Doula
    A Sibling Doula is someone that supports you during labor and birth by caring and tending for your other child/children. She is there to also help explain to the children what is happening and get them prepared for baby coming home. She is someone you can trust to look after your little ones so that you can focus 100% on your labor and birth of your newest addition! She is available morning, noon and night and is just a phone call away.
  4. Hypno-Doula Services
    A Hypno-Doula is trained and certified through Hypnobabies. She is trained to help mom and partner practice Hypnobabies techniques and cues so that the use of them are fluid and second nature during labor. She is also trained to use hypnotic deepening during the transformation (transition) period of labor and to use fear clearing cues and techniques during the pushing phase of labor. She is well versed in the use of specific birth prompts to help mom stay relaxed during labor and birth making for an amazing birth experience.
  5. Placenta Encapsulation
    What is Placenta Encapsulation? It is the ingestion of capsules that contain your placenta. This is after it has been properly handled, steamed, dehydrated, ground and then placed into the capsules! So why would I do this? TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has used the placenta in various ways for centuries. There are many potential benefits including the following: Improved milk production, Increased release of Oxytocin and Increased energy (Huge for new moms!) •Faster restoration of iron in the bloodstream.
  6. Dancing for Birth Childbirth Education
    Dancing for Birth Childbirth Education is a childbirth education class (in which you will learn about everything about pregnancy and birth) but it also incorporates belly dancing. Belly dancing was created for women, by women, for the purpose of teaching about fertility and birth. Dancing shows mom how using movement during labor will assist in baby's decent and entrance into the world. The moves are safe, low impact exercises which gently increases flexibility and healthy circulation.
  7. Bengkung Belly Binding
    Bengkung Belly Binding originated in Malaysia. It is a method used to wrap a mothers abdomen during the postpartum recovery period to assist in muscle reformation and lessens chances of diastasis recti. In essence it pulls the mothers separated abdominal muscles and brings them back together. It is such a satisfying feeling and one that all mothers enjoy! It also helps aid in the healing process after birth and simply makes mom feel more "put together" and "whole". Belly Binding is for both vaginal birth and c-section birth mothers.
  8. Sealing Ceremony
    The Sealing Ceremony is usually used in conjunction with Bengkung Belly Binding. So much emphasis is placed on the "opening" of a woman during pregnancy, labor and birth. The Sealing Ceremony helps close a woman and helps her to feel whole again after giving birth. A Sealing Ceremony includes: a sacred tuck with warmed flaxseed and lavender, a peaceful bath with flowers, oils and herbs and the application of a herbal firming belly paste. This ritual leaves mom feeling "Goddess Like"! It is a truly empowering experience!
  9. Integrated Energy Therapy
    Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a hands-on power energy healing system and is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to help you release negative energy that may be affecting your overall health and well-being. IET works by releasing cellular memories from your body and filling you with healing energy. Cellular memories are suppressed traumas, emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs. Releasing these energy blocks allows your life force energy to flow freely, resulting in improved health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
  10. Usui Reiki
    Usui Reiki is stress reduction, emotional healing and physical healing through the "laying of hands'. Reiki is the universal transference of energy. If your energy is low it can make you sick and weak emotionally and physically. Reiki is used to increase your energy and also pull out toxic energy and replace it with the positive energy that the universe has to offer. All Reiki sessions are performed by a Reiki Master with 13 years of experience! Many women have spoken its praises while having it during labor and birth.
  11. Childbirth Education (Lamaze Centered)
    Lamaze Childbirth Education is taught using evidence based practices. Lamaze International has been teaching the Lamaze six healthy birth practices since 1960 and stands by its research and vision which states: "knowledgeable parents making informed decisions". The classes that are currently offered are: a 5 week class, a 2 day class and a 1 day (intensive class). If you want to be educated so that you understand labor and birth then this is the class for you. Educated moms are empowered moms
  12. Birth Journey Classes
    Birth Journey Classes are classes that mom and partner take prior to baby's arrival earth side. It is a way for mom and partner to reconnect and an amazing and empowering experience for both! While other classes are focused on information and education, this class is a more emotional experience (with education thrown in for good measure)! This class is a 4 week series and is a great way for mom and partner to bond and become one before the birth of their new baby!
  1. Photography
    Our Photographers offer a variety of packages and services. They are there to help capture the most special moments of your life so that you can remember them forever! They have a knack for noticing and capturing the smallest of details that end up making your photos so special. They are there to not only take memorable pictures but also to give you a memorable photo taking experience.
  2. Pregnancy & Baby Henna Design
    Henna belly art and baby art are a fantastic way to celebrate pregnancy and the birth of your child. Its a way to do something artistic and special and of course the photos of the art are ones you will cherish for a lifetime. All henna used is all natural and created by our henna artist!
  3. Faja Belly Wrapping
    The Faja is a beautiful piece of cloth that is used to help bind your belly during pregnancy and keep baby in the most optimal position for labor and birth! Our Faja belly wrapping artist creates her own wraps just for you!
  4. Blessing Ways
    A Blessing Way (or a Mother's Blessing) was traditionally a Navajo ritual created to spiritually empower a mother as she embarks on her journey into motherhood. It is a way to honor, empower and inspire a woman before the birth of her child. The mother-to-be will typically invite her closest and most trusted female friends and family and different ceremonies are performed to give the mother-to-be strength and words of wisdom before her big day. The types of ceremonies include but aren't limited to: bead ceremony, massage ceremony, henna painting, string ceremony and a candle ceremony. If you are looking for something more intimate than a traditional baby shower, a Blessing Way is perfect for you!