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Melissa was our doula for the birth of our second son, and I can't stop saying amazing things about her and doulas in general. Melissa is an amazing doula and really cares about what your delivery goals are. She became friends with my husband and I immediately, and encouraged us both through the entire process! Without Melissa I strongly believe I would not have been able to have a successful vbac. Melissa is not only a great doula, but most importantly an amazing person. My entire family loves her and we are so happy to have shared such an amazing part of our lives with you. Melissa YOU ROCK!!!

Lesa's doula work was perfect. Honestly it was just what I needed- her soft touch, and encouraging words. I really felt that she cared and had her full support. Lesa's tone was very calming also. I really felt that she was there for me, very present in that moment. I would 1000% recommend her to anyone choosing a doula. She was the perfect combination of gentle yet strong. I was so thankful she was there for us on such a special day.

Finding Jacqueline was a godsend! Not only was I helping her to earn her certification, but I also would not have had the labor or birth I had, without her. It meant everything to me to have her support, physically and emotionally, which helped me to have an "easy" labor and very quick delivery!


Caitlin attended my birth as a back up Doula and she was phenomenal! My doula was in another birth and couldn't come for a couple hours so Caitlin rushed over and took control right away. She was crucial in helping me get from 3 to 6 cm to help avoid intervention and a discharge. She was calm and supportive and was really helpful in providing massage and pain relief techniques. She was also a really great support from my husband and I in providing an extra set of hands – water, cold washcloth snacks... Whatever we needed she was right there! We usually didn't even have to ask for it--she just knew what we needed step before we did and she got it for us! She even took some pictures/video for us we could capture that special moment. She stayed for my entire labor and delivery which was extremely long, and she was alert and attentive the entire time! She helped me reach my goal of a natural birth without an epidural. Even though she started as my back-up, she acted as my co- primary Doula the entire time and I would highly recommend her for anyone else!

Jacquie was such a welcomed member of our birth team. She went above and beyond to learn Hynobabies techniques for me. She used them before, during, and after the birth. She was available pre and postnatal to provide support and information. During the birth she was such a comfort and helped ensure my birth plan was honored as closely as possible. We are so glad to have had Jacquie on our team!

I truly believe Melissa was the key to my pain medication free birth. With my first son, I was induced and had an epidural and it was a very long birth (44 hours). I was very hopeful for a different experience with my second son. I really wanted a doula to help my husband and I make informed decisions throughout the birthing process. Melissa was fantastic about providing us the information we needed prior to and during delivery.

My son decided he was comfortable and was not going to make his appearance without a little encouragement. 11 days past my due date, I went into the hospital for an induction. I was disappointed, but still hopeful for a pain med free birth. They started me on Pitocin and my body took over very quickly. My contractions strengthened steadily and as Melissa was traveling to meet us at the hospital, they really started hurting and I was not feeling very confident. As soon as she arrived, I immediately felt a renewed sense of calm and confidence. She encouraged me to change my language from, “This hurts,” to more a more positive mantra. It really changed my outlook and focus. She helped me change positions and guided my husband’s use of comfort measures. She recognized how I was coping just by hearing the sounds I was making and helped me maintain control. Just a few hours later, my sweet boy was born. I was amazed that I did it and it was such an emotional and proud moment. I really can’t thank Melissa enough for her presence and guidance at my son’s birth. I highly recommend her!


My husband and I decided to hire Amanda for the birth of our 2nd child. We met for an interview and instantly felt at ease with her. She made herself available for in-person pre-visits, email/text check-ins and in-person post-visit. The day I went into labor started at 3:30 AM and involved multiple stall outs—not at all what I was expecting. We ended up at the hospital only to be given the option of either having my water be broken in hopes of jump starting labor again or going home. I was a week past due and ready to have that baby. Going home felt like failing. I was pretty close to choosing water breakage to get this show on the road and Amanda urged me to ask questions like what are the chances that that’ll work? If it doesn’t put me into labor then what? How long am I given before they have to induce? Armed with that info we packed up and headed home. I am so thankful for Amanda for gentling reminding me of wish for an unmedicated birth. After another round of close/tense contractions followed by a stall out we were back at the hospital by 6 PM. Something in me wanted me to be as still as possible and I listened and Amanda and husband respected my urge to not move. Comforting touches and massages along with encouraging words were all I needed and Amanda and my husband were awesome. Our daughter was born at 8:30 with 2 pushes and Amanda quickly grabbed my camera and took some amazing shots of us meeting our new little girl. Bonus! I’m grateful for Amanda and her calming and caring presence. It was reassuring to have someone there who was familiar with labor and my needs. When my husband had to fill out paper work or make a snack or bathroom break I has happy to have someone there for me. I highly recommend Amanda Hilderbran.

Amanda was our doula for the birth of my third child in October of 2014. Going into my third birth I had many expectations and goals for labor. My first birth was an induction and I also received an epidural. While everything turned out well, the experience was not ideal. This lead me to make some changes the next time around. My second birth was quick (4 hours) and I had a natural, unmedicated birth with the help of a midwife. Going into my third labor I wished to go natural again. As a third time mom, having been through this before, I wondered if I needed a doula. As my pregnancy progressed, I felt a disconnect from my Obgyn practice. I decided to contact a Doula, Amanda. Does a third time mom need Doula for labor support? Yes, labor is labor no matter how many times you have done it!

When first meeting with Amanda I was impressed with her professionalism and intelligence. She was also so kind, warm, and easy to talk too. I knew she was the perfect fit. As my due date approached and passed, Amanda remained supportive and encouraging as we waited for labor to start. When I finally did go into labor 10 days late, Amanda arrived at my house prepared with a bag of tricks. She immediately got started with helping me manage my contractions. When we transitioned to the hospital she was my “constant” keeping me focused as my husband parked the car, I was checked in, and got settled into the room. As labor progressed Amanda and my husband worked wonderfully as a team supporting and encouraging me. She was able to help ease my pain through massage and pressure techniques. After about ten hours of labor, I successfully had an unmedicated natural birth. I am very grateful to Amanda for her support and feel it was essential to the birth of my daughter!


As excited as I was to find out I was pregnant, I was overcome with fear of the actual delivery.  Meeting with Melissa before instantly made me feel like I was in safe hands.  She gave me a lot of tips and checked in with me during my pregnancy, and then during the delivery, she was such a support. She was my guide.  I really could not have imagined by birth story without her.  She not only showed me and supported me during different labor positions during the long process, she had such a nurturing energy which allowed me to have more confidence. She also showed my husband how to help me feel more relaxed and connect as partners. When I was discouraged, she helped me dig deep and pull out me strength.  The birthing nurses at WakeMed Cary were wonderful, as well, but it was Melissa and my husband that were with me every moment helping me, listening to me needs, voiceing my concerns, answering questions, and most of all making me feel nurtured, relaxed and safe.  My birth story was very positive even through tough moments, and I have her to thank for this amazing, once in a lifetime experience! My little girl will learn about her special doula one day. Madeline Rose Lynch - October 4, 2015

Honestly I was skeptical when we first began talking about hiring a doula. Would I want someone in the room other than my husband to share in such an intimate experience? Now after going through labor and delivery, the answer is a resounding YES. Amanda was integral to us having the birth experience we wanted. She met with us twice for prenatal appointments, sharing tons of resources and information, and listened to us when we described our preferences and ideal birth plan. I texted her when I was having prelabor symptoms and she put me at ease, telling me that my body was doing what it was made to do in preparation of labor. At the hospital she wanted to make sure I was laboring in a position that would help me rest, since I hadn't slept much in three days. During labor she supported my husband, encouraged me and rubbed my back for over three hours(!). When I started pushing, I got scared and she calmly told me that my daughter would be here soon. With her encouragement and coaching, we had the natural birth we wanted. She is such a positive part of our birth story that we will tell our daughter (and have already shared with others) for years to come. Amanda also met with us after birth to check in on our daughter, breastfeeding and how we were adjusting to life with a newborn. We cannot sing her praises high enough!

Where do I begin I absolutely love Lesa she is a Godsend and I could not have done it without her! Well that's a start Lesa is the best Doula in the Triangle she is loving, caring, brave, encouraging and energetic and now my friend. I wanted to hire a Doula and she came highly recommended by multiple people so I met with her and instantly feel in love with her personality. As a first time mother she made me feel empowered and at ease with childbirth. I loved her encouragement through a 24 hour natural labor and delivery. I had some complications but she was always by my side making sure to help me have a voice during my birthing experience. I would absolutely use her and highly recommended her to anyone giving birth. Love her and you will not regret your experience.

Working with Amanda was a fantastic experience. I am a FTM, and though my husband and I thought we were fully prepared for birth, I decided to consult Amanda to see what services a birth doula could offer. I'm so glad I took the time to consult her, because she brought my attention to many aspects of birth and labor that my husband and I hadn't thought of. 

We decided to hire Amanda based on her knowledge and pleasant personality. We are so glad we did. Not only did she provide a soothing presence through my 12 hour unmedicated labor and birth, but she helped my husband help me, and gave him some much needed breaks during the labor.

I highly recommend Amanda as a birth doula, and should I have another baby in the future I plan on hiring her again! The knowledge and comfort she provides is invaluable.

I found Lesa when looking for a doula to have my 3rd baby. I had never used a doula before, but was really determined to have an all natural birth at a birth center, so knew I needed some extra help. She was so sweet when we first met. Very knowledgeable and caring. 

I love that she did my pregnancy henna and that she was there for me whenever I had a question.

When it came time for my birth she was ready to go. We arrived at the birth center and even though she lived far away, she was there in no time. I had the baby about 45 minutes after arriving! During labor she put a cold wash cloth on my head and was very attentative. She helped hubs with knowing what to do and really made me stay calm. 

I thank her for all her help and want her to know she is a great person, doula, and friend.

As former runners on NC State's track and xc teams, my husband and I were blessed to have Melissa as our "coach" during my pregnancy and delivery. Melissa has a gift for recognizing one's personality and guiding them in the most effective manner. Some reasons I responded to Melissa's guidance so well was b/c she was able to establish trust from the very start. From there Melissa would check-in on me often via texts, emails and phone calls just to see how the baby and I were doing. When I was informed by my OBGYN that I'd need a version performed b/c the baby was breeched, I immediately contacted and received the most helpful and comforting advice from Melissa. It is clear that her intentions are to work in unison with the doctors and hospital staff. She accomlpishes this by informing her clients of other alternative solutions, especially when their desire is to have a natural, unmedicated approach. In the delivery room Melissa was the perfect coach for my husband and I. We followed her calm and concise instructions. When labor really progressed and it was easy to become frightened Melissa constantly and firmly reassured me that I was doing everything right. Her encouragment and belief in me was tremendously empowering. Post-labor I overheard the head nurse compliment Melissa by telling her that she was the best doula she'd ever worked with.

When my husband and I met Melissa, we knew we HAD to have her at our side when I delivered our first son.  Before meeting Melissa I had a lot of anxiety about the pain of labor and child birth, but once we hired her it put my mind at ease.

Melissa did a great job of helping us feel prepared for the big day.  She assisted us with a birth plan, gave us several good resources to look into on whatever topic we needed, went over poses and what to bring to the hospital, and helped educate us on pregnancy and childbirth.  She was always quick to respond to texts, and I never felt silly asking her even the smallest of questions.  

On labor day she met us at the hospital after I woke up in active labor.  The second we saw her we immediately felt more relaxed. She has a very calming presence.  During labor she did an amazing job helping me with positions that would help manage my contractions.  She helped coach my husband on ways to help me as well. When I started having back labor and decided to have an epidural, Melissa was very supportive.  I was bummed because I really wanted to have a natural childbirth, but she was very encouraging and proud of me.  It was clear that Melissa's goal was to help me have a positive birth experience and support me in whatever way I needed.  

We had pictures taken during the birth.  Melissa captured every special moment.  She took pictures of my husband and I first seeing and holding our son, but also got pictures of the dr. catching him, my husband cutting the cord, the baby being weighed, etc.  Four months later I still get teary eyed everytime I look through those pictures.  It's like watching on replay the greatest moment of my life.  I am so thankful that she took so many amazing pictures. 

We are so blessed to have Melissa in our lives. She still checks in, answers baby questions, and comes to visit the baby.

On February 10th, Amanda helped me and my family welcome our new baby boy to the world. At 40, and as a first time mom, I was concerned about so many things with my pregnancy and delivery that finding Amanda was a welcomed blessing. During our pre delivery visits, Amanda answered all of my questions, no matter how crazy they were. She listened to all of my concerns and gave me great feedback after my last few doctors appointments. 

As the two weeks before my due date started and Amanda went on call for my delivery, we were in contact about anything that was going on. We didn't have long to wait as I delivered 9 days early! Amanda was with me in no time, meeting me in the triage room at the hospital at 2AM. She was wide awake and ready to support us through to the evening when our little guy finally arrived. Amanda was so amazing, a calming force in the room. When things were difficult, Amanda was able to get me to focus and back on track as well as getting dad to refocus and calmed down. After I delivered she kept an eye on us all, stepping back so we could enjoy this special moment, and after everything had calmed down, she gave us our congratulations and said goodnight to us. After coming home she checked in with us several times, giving us contact information for support groups and individuals that could help with my postpartum needs. Once I was feeling up to it, we had our post visit, it was great to review what delivery was like with someone that had a cool head in the delivery room. 

i would definitely tell everyone to have a doula, and would recommend Amanda to anyone. If I am lucky enough to have another, I will be contacting Amanda again! Thank you Amanda!